FAQ - Back Nine Bar
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What is the dress code?

Fashion forward. No jerseys on NON game nights, no baggy pants, saggy pants, flip flops, shorts (in winter). Nothing that could be offensive or gang related

Is there an age requirement?

Yes, 18 and older.


Are ladies free?

Ladies are always free, with the exception of special events.

Is there a cover?

There is a cover on Thursday nights for $2 you call it.

Where are pictures taken at Back Nine posted?

On our website how can i buy topamax, Facebook, or Instagram.

When are the drink specials?

We have drink specials everyday we are open.

What type of music is played? And is there special music nights?

EDM, Hip Hop, Latin and Trap Reggaeton.

How much is it for VIP?

$1000 minimum worth of bottles. You can order one $1000 bottle or 5 bottles that equal up to $1000.

How do I have a party catered at Back Nine?

Just call the number to bBack Nine and once you schedule a date for your party to come in, we can discuss what kind of catering you want brought out for your event.

Do I have to clean up after my party is done?

No, we will clean after you all.  But, you will be responsible for items left behind from the catering company and any big items you bring for the party.

What is your capacity?

220 in the main bar & 14 in the VIP.

Do you provide non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes we do.

Can I choose any food place for my event?

Yes, you can.

Do you place the order and handle payment?

Yes, we do.

Do you set up the tables?

We set up the way you want it for your party.

How much are bottles?

Minimum $150 a bottle – All the way up to $8k.