Latin Trap Thursdays
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Latin Trap Thursdays

Lit Thursday

Things are looking up on your unofficial start of the weekend.  Start it off right with Latin Trap Thursday’s.  Grab a few friends and come hang out with our crew for a few – guaranteed to be a good time.  $2 You Call It Thursday

Mix it up with Kauf Bombs and our Tequila specials – they offer a fun and festive way to enjoy a drink with your friends after a long day on the job.  We love being social and hanging out just like you. Thursday night is the perfect chance to come hang out and improve your social standing with some new friends who want the same.  

Our warm and inviting Las Vegas style night club staff prides itself on outstanding customer service to each-and-every guest we are privileged to serve and Thursday at Back Nine is a great way to start the upcoming weekend on just the right note.

9pm - 2am

Reserve your bottle and table today!