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Our V.I.P. Lounge: El Paso VIP Room

Luxurious. Elegant. Sophisticated. Simply – a few words which aptly describe the VIP experience you are certain to have all night long with those select few in this exclusive Vegas style surrounding. Stand out from the crowd in our VIP room at Back Nine and be amazed by the décor and music that stimulate your senses in all 360 degrees. The beat of the music is sure to complement your high-end taste for an experience that rivals many of the most exclusive clubs you would find on the Vegas Strip. We offer the widest selection of Premium Alcohols and the VIP experience we strive to provide is among the very best in the Sun City. Stepping out in style has never been so fun – come dressed to the nines and be treated to a really great night of fun with the friends. If you crave the best in nightclub entertainment – Join us at Back Nine. El Paso VIP Room

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